video marketing

Video Marketing

Video marketing is an excellent way to enhance your website and increase your business’s exposure. Research has shown that customers trust sites that have videos which are related to the services they offer.


Here at Creative Marketing SEO, will quickly rank your videos on both Google and Youtube to ensure you harness the full power of online videos.


We create customized videos tailored to the specific business of all our clients. We go a step further than our competitors by creating and running an integrated video marketing campaign that will help you promote your videos and business which in turn will drive significant results to your website.


More than 50% of customers turn to online videos when they are making purchasing decisions. Let us represent your business in the right way to ensure that you profit from this too.


Below are some reasons why our video marketing services will enhance your business:


  • Videos greatly help in the sale of your services and products
  • According to research, a video result is 53% more likely to get a top ranking on Google
  • It increases the conversion rate of your website
  • It can be targeted to your particular audience
  • It can re-energize a company’s website and make it more engaging


After we identify your business’s specific marketing needs, we will make recommendations on how exactly you can improve and expand your video marketing campaign. We will include the various ways you can advertise your business online by using video search.


Let us develop an online video marketing plan for you today to ensure that you are not letting potential customers get away from you!

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