google plus listing

Google Plus Listing

Google+ just like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook offers you an opportunity to build a business page that promotes your business.

A google plus listing has the benefit of being directly linked with Google’s ranking logarithms. The google+ community though largely left untapped is finally growing in numbers as more and more business owners realize, the benefits of being listed on google+.

You can now take advantage of getting a Google My Business (GMB) page created for your business to expose your business to a new and wider audience. google+ incorporates business and personal interactions with real-time tailored messages and opportunities to specific associations of people. google+ at the turn of the year ranked second as a social network only behind Facebook. Let us list your business on google+ to ensure that you benefit from the different advantages of being listed.


The benefits of being listed on Google+ includes

  • Easier online business management and more personal interactions with customers.
  • SEO benefits: All local searches conducted with Google will show the top GMB pages on the first results. Since it is a part of Google, the platform directly interacts with the search results, especially local.
  • A google plus listing allows you to see what is being said about your business. You have the opportunity to respond and share the positive comments about your company. You have a genuine idea of exactly how your business is being portrayed online to both your customers and prospects.
  • Networking: Google + provides an extra avenue for building your network of leads and business contacts.


One of the most challenging aspects of getting started on google+ is determining which page suits your business. Let us make that choice for you. Our google plus listing specialists are trained and experienced in getting businesses listed on google+. The greatest mistake you can make is misrepresenting your brand; many businesses have closed their doors because of that. Let us handle your google+ listing and you’ll notice the increased activity in your business within weeks.

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